My Sterek/Hobrien Fic (and podfics) Rec List

Favorites have a * or ** (classics) just after the title, personal opinion in brackets, summary in italics (mines if there isn’t any). It will be updated regularly :) The ratings are the ones used in the site they were published, or what I assume they are if not indicated.



Needs More Sparkly Pens (Part 1)/ We Need To Talk About Sparkly Pens (Part 2)** by mm_coconut, General Audience then Mature. Crack. [You will probably die from laughter, trust me.]
Stiles leaves leaves a notebook of his at Derek’s or in his car or whatevs, and Derek goes to take it to him and notices that it’s filled with little hearts with Stiles+Derek, and Stiles Hale, and Derek Stilinski, and tons of doodles of little wolves.


Less than 1k

Leave Your Window Open* by Moriartied, Teen, 1-k. [Basically awwwww, and it received an honorable mention at the mtv fanfic contest.]
Stiles has nightmares, Derek comforts him.

1k to 5k

Is It Cool if I Hold Your Hand* by HalfFizzBin, General, 1+k. [I really like this author…]
“So,” says Sheriff Stilinski, raising one eyebrow. “You decided not to play video games at Scott’s, after all?”“Uh,” Stiles says. His eyes are wide and caught-out, and he’s got his arms wrapped around two giant tubs of popcorn. Beside him, Derek Hale—the same Derek Hale that the Sheriff last saw in his interrogation room—is handing a $20 bill to the cashier and clearly trying to appear as casual as possible. He fumbles the change three times before he gets it into his pocket, though, so it’s a lost cause. 

Nothing Like the Sun* by HalfFizzBin, Teen, 1+k. AU (poet!Derek, editor!Stiles), fluff.
Your eyes, blue and bright / Like Mountain Frost Gatorade,” Stiles reads aloud, not bothering to contain his glee. “Now that is powerful stuff. Oh, but this next line is my favorite: Your skin, warm and soft / As an underbaked loaf of bread. Bread, Derek? Really?”(Or, the one where Derek is a failtastic poet and Stiles is the editor who likes him anyway.) 

Homework with Stiles by timelord-warlock-hunter-stiles, Explicit, 1+k. PWP, established relationship, humour. 
Derek has a few ideas to get Stiles to do his homework. 

[Not Not!Fic] Treed!Stiles/Fireman!Derek* by fire_juggler, Teen, 1+k. AU (No werewolves), Doofus!Scott. [Cute ><”.]
Stiles gets trapped in a tree. Derek is the one who rescues him. IDEK.

Hardhearted, Don’t Worry (I’m Ready for a Fight) (podfic)* by MariaDeLuca, Not rated (but I’d say Teen), 2-K (0h15). Fluff, established relationship. [It’s beautifully written and it is so… true T_T.]
Derek makes his home in Stiles. 

Got ‘til It’s Gone by Saucery, Explicit, 2+k. PWP, Phone Sex, Established Relationship. [Great and hot!]
Stiles and Derek have phone-sex while Stiles is away at college. 

Winter Winds (Part 1)**/ Sigh No More (Part 2)* by gangnamstiles, T, 2+k. Angst, fluff. [Feeeeeeeeeeeeeelssss *.*]
Two-Shot Slow Burn Romance.

Your X is equal to my Y by pixiestixs, Teen, 2+k. Humour, texting.
Stiles is bored at school, and a bored Stiles is never a good thing. Especially when it involves bugging Derek.

Violets are blue* by HalfFizzBin, Teen, 3-k. AU, humour, fluff. [Dying of cuteness.]
PROMPT—”Derek the super cranky florist delivery guy (it’s the family business!) and Stiles the underemployed, overeducated, bored as fuck receptionist. and obviously Stiles works with Allison, whose besotted fiance is always sending her flowers.” With helpless crushes, stealthy pizza dates, Jenga, and overly-subtle declarations of intent. 

I’m Coming Over Tonight by Emmie (burntotears), Explicit, 3+k. PWP, crack.
Derek comes to Stiles’ house with every intention of having sex but Stiles’ dad is home and Stiles is not okay with that idea what-so-ever. But Derek has very convincing arguments…

(500) Days of Sitting In Front of The Computer (podfic) by Altrutix, Teen, 4+k. Future!fic. [Nice, lighthearted.]
The boy, Stiles Stilinski, had always been into MMORPGs. The other boy, Ithuriel, had always been into MMORPGs as well, albeit secretly. The Alpha, Derek Hale, was possibly the object of Stiles’s affections. One day, Stiles met Ithuriel. But be warned, this is not a tragedy in which Derek Hale saves Stiles’s virtue from Ithuriel. That would be ridiculous. This is a love story.

Little Red* by ashinan, Explicit, 4+k. PWP, first time, RedHoodie!Kink. [Really, really, really hot. Like you will seriously need ice while reading.]
Stiles did research. He has PowerPoints. And a red hoodie. Derek was going to cave eventually.

It’s Been Four Hundred and Ninety Days* by korynnvictoria, Teen, 4+k. Break-up, angst, future!fic. 
It’s been four hundred and ninety days, and it took Derek forever but they’re at day one again.

Sunshine (Walking On)* by JenNova, Teen, 4+k. Future!Fic. [Derek has a good day, Derek has a GOOD day, DEREK HAS A FUCKING GOOD DAY FOR ONCE.]
Derek Hale has a good day. (There is ice cream.)

Survival Strategies and Interior Design* by alocalband, General Audiences, 5-k. Fluff.
It takes Derek a lot longer than it should to realize what Stiles is doing. 

5k to 10k:

Let’s Start a War (A Nuclear War) by Saucery, Teen, 5+k. Possessive!Derek, OC/Stiles.
The obligatory gay bar story. Stiles gets hit on and Derek goes berserk. Meanwhile, Scott is all-knowing and Danny is awesome. 

Knotting Expectations* by chase_acow, NC-17, 6-k. Knotting, Non-con. [Honestly I loved it, but it’s not a love story. Here Derek is a manipulative guy that fucks Stiles with no mercy, a Stiles who fantasizes about that but clearly says no a couple of times. It’s more a story about abusive relationships than just sex imo.]
Stiles gets an eyeful and suddenly getting up close and personal to a werewolf is all he can think of.

Taking Off The Edges* by Ark, Explicit, 8+k. Angst, friendship, Bottom!Derek.
Scott’s regard turning completely away hurts more than the wounded, incredulous eyeballing. He’s bright red to the tips of his ears, and his hands are balled up tight into fists. “Tell me what the hell you were going to tell me, then,” Scott says. He’s not looking at Stiles anymore, so Derek’s the one who answers.
“That we’re paired,” says Derek, calmly and decisively, from over Stiles’s shoulder.

Build an Ivory Tower* by teot, Explicit, 8+k. Knotting, dub-con. [Pretty disturbing but still hot.]
Stiles didn’t know how Derek sleeping on his floor developed into sleeping in his bed, or how cuddling ended up turning into Derek humping his ass. He didn’t agree to being knotted in the school locker room, either. But what can you do when Derek Hale wants something? He’s the Alpha, after all.

10k to 15k:

A Cookie For Your Heart by Allyarra, T, 11+k. AU (the fire at the Hale’s house never happened), humor. [Nice and cute.]
Stiles is in college and he’s working at Laura Hale’s bakery for the summer in an AU where the fire never happened and the Hales are all alive.

Desperate But Not Serious* by sofonisba_found, Explicit, 13+k. AU (Derek is Stiles’ college TA), future!fic, humor, smut, almost PWP. 
Stiles is one of the more memorable students in the undergrad Psych class that Derek is assigned to as a TA, and he’s not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. But when Derek finds Stiles starring on a certain website, his feelings become much more clear. 

Darling It Is No Joke (podfic)* by thehoyden, Explicit, 13+k (1h32). AU (Derek is a werewolf cop), future!fic. [Very funny, sexy and well written.]
The first thing Stiles thinks when he opens the door is that it’s not his birthday, but someone has sent him some kind of cop stripper.

15k to 20k:

Bones Straining Under The Weight** by weathervaanes, Explicit, 15+k. Human AU (Derek is a deaf food blogger), food porn.
One of Stiles’ favorite things about life is Derek Hale’s food blog. He never expects to meet the man in person.

[Not!Fic] Random Craigslist Missed Connections Derek/Stiles Not!Fic of Doom (podfic)** by fire_juggler, Teen, 17+K (1h53). AU (Werewolves are known), hurt/confort, fluff and angst. [So funny, so cute, so PERFECT!!!! The podfic is of an incredible quality btw.]
An AU in which Stiles is lonely and addicted to the Missed Connections page on Craigslist, Derek is a hermit with a persistant sister and Scott gives unexpectedly good relationship advice.

Slipping Away (revised version)** by Allyarra, T, 17+k. Established relationship (but not that important), major character death. [It’s magnificient, it worth it but be careful, it’s really, really sad, one of the saddest things I have ever read actually.]
The summer before senior year Stiles is diagnosed with leukemia. 

More than 20k

Open the Door (podfic)** by Renay, Teen, 25-k (2h44). Post-season 1, flangst. [I thought at the end I was going to cry just because of all the fluff *.*]
Derek gives Stiles his jacket. 

DILF (podfic)** by twentysomething, Explicit, 30+k (3h24). AU (Derek takes care of Laura’s children, Scott and Jackson, since she died and Stiles is Scott’s teacher). [Very frustrating until the end but funny, well written and soo cuuute *.*]
Today is Scott’s first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified.

Cupboard love (podfic)** by mklutz, Gen (food porn though), 32k+ (3h17). Human AU, Stiles prepares meals to pay college and Derek is his client. [Do not, I repeat, do not read this if you are hungry.]
He’s carefully balancing the sandwiches and the two biggest tupperware containers he could find that both had functioning lids when the front door opens and he almost drops everything right there in front of the stupid fountain. If that’s Derek Hale, he’s definitely not a mountain man.

Mating Habits of the Domesticated North American Werewolf** by lielabell, Mature, 35+k. Future!fic (it’s a 20 year long story), flangst. [Kinda destroyed my heart, beautiful, even if I felt that the characters were (maybe it’s me) a bit OOC.] 
Derek doesn’t do pining. He doesn’t. So when it becomes clear that Stiles is much more interested in having Derek as a new best friend than a boyfriend, he puts on his big boy pants and makes it fucking work. He becomes the best goddamn friend a spastic teenager could ever hope to have.

Stiles Are You Queer?* by talktowater, Explicit, 59+k. AU (No werewolves, they all live near a wealthy beach. Lydia, Erica, Stiles and Derek are gay.). 
A Teen Wolf AU, where an eighteen year old Stiles is oblivious and angst ridden but somehow manages to score with everyone. Derek is older and super hot but he sucks at communicating mostly because he’s even more messed up than Stiles. Lydia is the coolest girl friend ever, Papa Stilinksi is super huggable as usual and Scott is a bit dopey but entirely lovable. 

The Skies Above Are Blue by Trelkez, Mature, 95+k (WIP). Human AU, kind of a sitcom feel, wip but still a good read.
Derek is a wedding DJ. Stiles just happens to go to a lot of weddings.

Prince Among Wolves** by tylerfucklin, Explicit, 101k. AU where Stiles babysits Derek twin kids. [Not much to say except perfection and A+ for the character of Andy, Derek’s trans daughter.]
Looking for full day/evening sitter. 2 twin boys age 4. Must have exp. w/werewolves. Must be human. No pedophiles. No teenage girls. Pay negotiable.

(I will post generally the link to the first part only unless it’s a series that can be read in whatever order.) 

I’m In Love, Accidentally* by Altrutix (WIP), Teen, 12+k. AU, mates, Jackson/Danny, Chris/Laura. [Surprisingly loved the Jackson/Danny as much as the Sterek in this one, really nice.]
In a world where the Hale pack survives, Peter Hale marries Melissa McCall, Scott has a younger brother named Jackson, and Isaac Lahey is Derek Hale’s adopted son, Stiles is just a kindergarten teacher hopelessly in love with his favorite student’s hot, single dad. Who may or may not be Derek Hale.
Part 1: It’s a Wonderful Surprise (podfic), 4+k.
[Well… it disappeared apparently. The link for the podfic is still on though.]

Far, Far Away by Saucery (WIP), 17+k. [Haven’t read everything, just the first two, so I will rec only these.]
A series of fannish riffs of popular fairy tales. Or, the series in which Stiles and Derek find each other in a multiplicity of different ways, in increasingly ludicrous realities.
Part 1: Red (podfic)*, Mature, 1-k. Stiles probably shouldn’t wear red hoodies. Just saying.

How to Date Your Best Friend’s Brother by veterization, Explicit, 37+k. Human AU (Scott and Derek are brothers), Underage.
Scott’s brother Derek gets surprisingly hot when he comes back from college. Stiles, and his hormones, deal with this new development less than gracefully.

Milkshakes and Matchsticks* by entanglednow, Teen, 52+k. [Every part of the series is like a chapter, no use for me to post all the links.]

The Rory to My Amy series** by linksofmemories, Explicit, 163+k. AU (Derek is Scott’s brother), Doctor Who references. [Awesome, the first part is one of the best things ever.]



Boredom, My Old Enemy by werewolfsaz, Explicit, 1-k. Established relationship, phone sex, Top!Dylan (kinda…).
He was bored and his phone looked like a good idea. Hoechlin was probably asleep but he was going to amuse the younger man whether he liked it or not.  

All the World is Birthday Cake, So Take a Piece by popfly, Explicit, 1+k. Established relationship.
Dylan has the best birthday ever.

Sextin With Hoechlin by qhuinn (tekla), Explicit, 2-k. Phone sex, established relationship.
Prompt by shutupbolinski: ”Tyler pining while Dylan is filming in Atlanta for The Internship”. Missallisonloves added ‘sexting’ to the idea. 

feet (ain’t) on the floor by hito, Teen, 3+k.
Dylan opens the bathroom door and shuffles onwards into the morning, then lifts his head into Hoechlin’s chest and leaps backwards with a muffled shriek.

Teeth* by GoddessofBirth, Mature, 3+k. 
That photoshoot, a bar, and Dylan having a mental freakout. Also, tumblr, meta ponderings, and admission of the Sterek.  

Smile Lines** by Tuai, Teen, 8+k. Translated from spanish. [It’s really beautiful.]
The thing about Hoechlin is that he never stops laughing. And that’s freaky, because he doesn’t have the kind of face you picture laughing; but he actually doesn’t stop doing it, and it’s hard to catch him without a smile, cheeks all dimples, eyes surrounded by smile lines.


Carly Rae Jepsen series* by Emmie (burntotears), 10-k (complete).
Part 1: Call Me Maybe, Teen, 4+k.
Hoechlin sees the video of Dylan dancing on the set of “The Internship” and realizes how much he misses him. A lot of texting and phone conversations ensue, along with some very awkward revelations. 
Part 2: Always a Good Time, Mature, 5+k. 

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